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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Baby Boy Byram Almost Makes An Early Appearance!

There are a lot of things about pregnancy that can be uncomfortable, yet overlooked.  You have your backaches, frequent urination, swollen toes, stretch marks, you get the point.  And then there are some other aspects of pregnancy.  I love being pregnant and love the thought of becoming a mother soon.  Scared, yes, but very excited.  This is something that Sam and I have wanted for a really long time.  But, there have been several bumps in the road that have made me flop down on my bed and cry hysterically while asking God why he is doing this to me. 

Let's start with the week before I became pregnant.  It was the day of my sister's surgery in January and I noticed that morning that I was peeing a whole lot more than normal.  Within a few hours, I was urinating pure blood.  A trip to the Dr., 2 bags of fluid and a dose of rocephin later, my MD sent me to the ER because he started to get a little nervous.  Yay for a crazy kidney infection!  That, my friends, was the start of what I call The Pregnancy Plague.  I should have known what would lie ahead!

At 6 weeks on the nose, I started with morning sickness.  Not just any morning sickness.  We are talking retching, vomiting, gagging, and, my favorite part, an aversion to liquids.  That's right folks.  I could not drink ANYTHING without gagging and vomiting.  So much for the stay hydrated speeches I got from my dr!  That lasted until week 13.  I was pulled out of work for 2 weeks so I could rehydrate and take it easy.  I was released to my OBGYN who told me that she had never had anyone with a liquid aversion.  Yay for me being a freak!

Week 14 was not all that bad!  I was feeling good, no more morning sickness, sleeping well, feeling energized.  I was thinking, "Let's just forget about the first trimester and take it from here!  I can consume liquids!  Everything is going to be smooooooooooth sailing!"  That was until week 15 hit and I was leaving work one day and felt like I had something in my eye.  I went to the bathroom to take a peek only to see that my eye was bright red and had this disgusting gunk all over it.  After a trip to the eye dr, I was diagnosed with an ulcerated cornea.  Apparently, it is rare, but it does happen to pregnant women who wear contacts.  After some eye drops and some days of just glasses as well as 3 eye dr appts, my eye was back to normal.

Then Week 16 hit and so did the migraines as well as a little bit of pain in my pelvis.  The migraines were just spiffy!  I would be talking to people at work and spontaneously vomit in trash cans.  My co-workers were nice enough to let me have a migraine corner where the lites remained off and it was my quiet zone.  Those lasted until about week 22.  Almost every stinkin day, there was a headache.  Accompanied by vomiting.  Thanks to the vomiting, I became extremely dehydrated and had to go to the hospital for fluids.  Hooray!  As for the pelvic pain, I figured it was just round ligament pain and everything just shifting and moving around.  Hah!  Was I wrong about that!

Week 26, I woke up one Monday morning after working all weekend and was in excruciating pain.  Come Tuesday, I felt like I could not move.  The culprit was still kind of up in the air.  My dr was thinking either separated pelvis or pulled muscle in my groin.  The solution: modified bed rest for nearly 2 weeks.  If it got better, it was a pulled muscle.  If not, it was a separated pelvis.  After 2 weeks of taking it easy, I still could not roll over in bed, had trouble with sitting, standing, walking, and pretty much doing anything aside from breathing.  The final diagnosis: separated pelvis.  Being that Baby Boy's head is in the 80th percentile, my pelvis is sure to split fully during a natural delivery.  My MD is trying to decide if I should just have a c-section and deal with the recovery of that or should I have a natural delivery and most likely use a walker for a few months after delivery.  I have also been going to PT.  And wearing a very uncomfy belt that is supposed to get the baby off my pelvis.  Oh joy!

Week 28 brought me to my to my oral glucose tolerance test.  If you guess that I failed it, DING DING DING!  Why would I have passed it?  That would have been way too easy.  So, Week 29 brought me back to the dr's office to repeat with a 3 hour (results not back yet).

So where in this whole mess does Baby almost make his appearance?  That would have been this weekend.  Saturday, I was having back pain and stomach pain and I was peeing every 2 seconds.  The dr on call was convinced that I just had a muscle strain and sent me home.  I knew it was something more serious, but I was not a good advocate for myself.  By Sunday nite, I was doubled over in pain and finally called the dr at 10:30.  She said to come into the hospital.  You know how to know if I am really having an issue?  If I go to the car without worrying about shaving, showering, etc, it is serious!  The dr on call (the same one I had on Saturday) said it was either A. a muscle sprain (she almost got punched for that one!) or B. my gallbladder.  If it was my gallbladder, I would have to have surgery to remove it.  When we got to the hospital, they hooked me up to monitors only to discover that I was having contractions 2 minutes apart.  I realized I had to pull myself together really quickly because if this baby was going to make his appearance, I didn't want him to come into the world with my being a wreck!  They gave me a dose of medication to stop the contractions.  It worked, until about 6 am when I started contracting again.  Thankfully, they stopped on their own.  After some labs and an ultrasound, my OBGYN determined what the culprit was: KIDNEY STONES!  Kidney stones stink anyway, but to add the contractions on top of that, I thought I was dying.  Seriously. 

Needless to say, if I go into labor when the same dr is on call and she tells me I am just having a muscle strain, I will flip out.  I felt like the dr and the nurse were not listening to me.  But more importantly, I am annoyed with myself for not being an advocate.  My gut was telling me there was a problem, but I didn't want to be one of those people who thinks they know better than the dr.  I work with some great drs at my hospital, so I think I take it for granted and then end up trusting what every dr says.  I kept telling Sam that I felt like n one was actually listening to me.  Well, if they were not going to listen to what came out of my mouth, than they sure as heck had to listen to the monitors showing that I was having contractions and I was not a hypochondriac.  I will never allow a dr to dismiss my feelings or concerns again.  Ever!  My body does not belong to just me right now.  I have another little person depending on me to do what's right and make sure that I am heard.

Here's to taking bets to see what's next.  Is it bad for me to hope that hemorrhoids are the next and last thing I am stricken with?  Although with my luck.............

Happy August to all!!!!