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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking the bully by the horns.

Imagine calling up a radio talk show host to get her "professional" insight on a situation and you end up being called a "shack up honey" and an "unpaid whore". This afternoon, I went to assist my dad with some errands and, on my way back home, I could not find anything good on the radio, so I turned on some Sirius radio. As I was flipping through, I came across Dr. Laura Schlessinger's show. I thought I would go ahead and take a listen. I figured that I could always use some entertainment and, who knows, I might learn something. Let me tell you - this woman is a radio bully! This woman called up to discuss an argument that she was having with her boyfriend and made the statement that "he still comes home every nite..." Well, she did not get one more word out after that. Dr. Laura cut her off and said, "Let me get this straight - you are not married to this man, but you are living with him? You are shacking up? I would not even be concerned about the argument you had. You are a shack up honey and an unpaid whore. Why don't you talk about that with him tonite!" And then she hung up on the woman. This poor lady called Dr. Laura looking for advice and all she got was a verbal beatdown! I felt so sorry for her, I just wanted to send her a hug thru the radio.

Ok, that was rant number one. On to the next. I love going to the grocery store. I am always in a great mood when I go. I especially love to look at all the fruits and vegetables. I don't know what it is, but I just love it. Today, I had my grocery shopping spirit shattered. I pull into the parking lot and park. As I am grabbing my list, I notice that there are 4 males walking in between my car and the car that was parked facing mine. I am about to get out of my car and I notice that Sam text messages me, so I called him instead of text messaging him back. While I am on the phone with him, I hear people screaming, so I look up. These people were actually yelling at me. Poor Sam just kept on talking and I am in awe as these 4 high school boys rolled down their windows and started calling me a "dumb white 8itch" and a "f&(*ing white ho". Plus, they were pointing and laughing at me! And I know they were in high school because they had on t-shirts from their school and they were obviously driving Daddy's SUV). The worst part was, they thought this was funny and ok! Sam just kept talking and I had to ask him to repeat himself 2 times. I was really enraged. I was tempted to go into Kroger to see if they had video tapes with their customers on it. But then I thought - um, ok, when I see who they are, what would I actually do? Call the police and say that some high school kids bullied me? Instead, I wandered to the deli counter and ordered my 1/2 pound of hard salami. Then, I mozied on over to the fruits and vegetables and felt better.

Today must have been the day for yelling at people in grocery store parking lots. Sam does not like the milk from Kroger. He says it "tastes funny". I am not really sure what that is about, but whatever. After Kroger, I went to Publix in order to get the Sam-approved milk. I buy the milk and, as I am walking to my car, there is a girl who is hanging out of her mother's parked car yelling, "I worked so freaking hard to get all of my homework done today and now you are ruining my nite, you 8itch!" And this is how the high schooler from Wesleyan (a private Christian Academy) spoke to her mother. She then proceeded to slam the car door and pound her feet on the interior of her mother's Mercedes as her mother went into the grocery store. I could not help but think about my own bullying in the Kroger parking lot and thought that there must be something in the air with high schoolers and grocery parking lots today. Luckily, my bully was not in my car with banging feet on the dashboard.

Now, onto the good stuff. Sam is home from the hospital after being in for 2 weeks at the end of January. There is some crud growing in his lungs so his doctor gave him a prescription. Hopefully, that will get rid of it. He spoke at Emory today. He speaks to the nursing program there every semester about what it is like to have CF. He may seem shy at first, but he loves to talk about himself and have all the attention on him. He is a nifty little speaker!

I started my second semester of school in mid-January. It was very scary at first, but I am getting thru it. I am doing my clinicals on a CF floor. I don't know about you, but I think that is pretty stininking ironic. And I have a new job! WooHoo for the new job!

"Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself." Lucille Ball

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