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Thursday, February 12, 2015

He Won at Life

Just a few words that I spoke at Sam's funeral. 

"Before I begin, I would just like to thank everyone for coming to celebrate the amazing life of Sam Byram.  The amount of people who came shows how well-loved Sam is.

Anyone who knows Sam knows how persistent he could be.  Early in 2006, he saw a photo of me on my friend, Kirsten's, MySpace page.  He kept bugging her to introduce us.  Every time she told me about him, I kind of shrugged it off.  I wasn't looking to date anyone at the time really.  Plus, he was 21 and I was 27.  When he was admitted to the CF Center for a 2 week tune-up, I finally gave in and agreed to visit him.  Well, the joke was on me.  I fell head over heals, he stole my heart, it was love at first sight.  Sam was such a gentleman.  From that day on, we have spoken everyday.  Sam knew what he wanted in life and he was determined to succeed in all he did.  And I loved that about him. 

No one can say Sam lost his battle with CF because he won at life.  Sam was a wonderful son, loving husband, gentle father, excellent friend, nephew, cousin, and uncle. 

Sam lived out his dreams ~ he earned his MBA, studied very hard and became a CPA, purchased our dream home, got married, worked full time, was an avid tennis player, and became a father.  I didn't know it was possible to love Sam anymore than I already did until I saw him with Owen.  Sam wanted to do everything with Owen, even if that was changing the scariest of diapers.  Owen was the light of Sam's life and I know he fought so much harder because of him.  Sam wanted to be able to see Owen grow up, teach him how to play tennis, and cheer on the GIANTS each week during football season.  Oh, how lucky I was that Sam chose me to follow his dreams with. 

Not a day went by that he didn't tell me how beautiful I was or how much he loved me.  If someone told me I had to choose between experiencing the greatest of all love for only a short time or mediocre love for a lifetime, I would choose the same path I chose.  The joy, happiness, and true love I have experienced far outweighs the sadness I am feeling now. 

Oh, how lucky I am to have the most handsome guardian angel zipping around heaven."

Three months ago tonite would be the last normal nite I would have.  Your life can change in the blink of an eye.  Cherish every moment with your loved ones. 

"Undying love is more powerful than life; it lives beyond death."  ~Scottie Somers

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Raquel said...

This post gives me chills. There is nothing better than the true love you describe in your post and not everyone gets to experience it. How awesome that you and Sam did! You are such an amazing woman! Lots of love to you and Owen!