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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Taking it one day at a time

So, I guess I had an EPIC FAIL with my Pinterest Project the last 6 weeks.  I am so embarrassed that I have not posted in 6 weeks.  Lucky for you guys, I have strep throat and Sam is away in Panama City Beach for a bachelor weekend, so I am home, bored out of my mind.  There is no excuse for me to not post a blog right now.  And if a doctor ever tells you that they are going to put you on Biaxin, say no!  It is the most disgusting antibiotic.  No matter what I eat or drink, it tastes like I am sucking on a nickel.  All the time.  It is gross!

This summer has been a good one.  My mum, sister, brother-in-law and the kids came to visit.  We went to the pool, went to the Yellow River Game Ranch (where I hand fed deer!!!!), took Stina for a Rockstar Makeover where she got her ears pierced, went shopping, cooked fabulous meals, laughed a whole lot, and made a ton of memories.  Matthew is growing like a weed and he is very mobile.  Stina is turning into such a beautiful young lady who is starting kindergarten in a few weeks.  Dana, Brian, and the kids left before my mom did, so I got to spend a spa day with my mum.  Very relaxing and I think I might be due for another one! 

Stina's Makeover                                         Matthew cuddling with                    Sam ready for a dip!
                                                                      Papa Diego

Sam and I went on a fantastic vacation.  I had no clue the hidden treasure of Alabama.  The gulf shore.  It was amazing.  We went to Orange Beach and, although it did rain for a little bit each day, we had plenty of beach time and we even went para sailing one day.  If you ever have the opportunity to do it, you should.  This is something that we never would have imagined ourselves doing, but we are trying to seize new opportunities and break out of our comfort zone.  I would say that floating 600 feet in the air while attached to a rope tied to the back of a boat would be out of our comfort zone.  Sam is not a fan of heights, so I was very proud of him when he agreed to do it.  If you are ever in the area and are looking for a place to stay, we stayed at The Hilton Garden Inn - Beachfront.  They had a breakfast buffet that I wish I could go to every day.  I do not recommend doing what I did and attempt to have a healthy day ~ fruit, activia yogurt, a bran muffin, and coffee are a great way to get things moving!  The company we used for para sailing was really great.  It was Zeke's Landing.  The guides were really nice and did a wonderful job.  The day before we left, we found a fantastic restaurant, Cosmo's.  I would eat at Cosmo's for lunch and dinner everyday if I could.  The food was heavenly! 

I did manage to find a way to work some of my Pinterest pins into this summer.  Not that Sam and I fight a bunch, but we did nit-pick a tad.  One of us would be too sensitive or the other one would be too defensive and the next thing you knew....BAM another dumb argument that by the end of it we didn't realize what caused it.  In July, I pinned a quote from Bob Marley.

It helped me realize just what I had.  Not a perfect man, but someone who was perfect for me.  Our communication skills have greatly improved, we say thank you to each other for even the smallest thing, I'm not constantly on my phone, checking e-mails or looking at Facebook.  We talk about our day and we enjoy the time that we are spending with each other.  He truly is the love of my life and I wouldn't want it any other way.  He has only been gone for a few hours and I miss him terribly.  Before he left, he made sure I was stocked up on soup and ginger ale (as well as stamps).  Best of all, he loves me. 

Me trying some Brunswick Stew

I did try out some recipes and I will write about them in my next blog.  I hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as the Byram/de la Garza/Murphy clan did!  Looking forward to Orange Beach again next year.
"Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to people. For those few months you’re not required to be who everyone thinks you are. The fresh cut grass smell in the air & the chance to dive into the deep end of a pool, gives you courage you didn’t think you had. Summer just opens the door and lets you free." ~ Unknown


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