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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mango Gatorade

Ok, so the reason why I am starting this blog is because I don't have much spare time to call friends and family and tell them all of the grueling details of life. Plus, I just need to vent sometimes. Between school and clinicals and work.....Oh, wait, after November 15th, work won't be a problem because I will no longer be employed. I got the final word yesterday about that. It was kind of up in the air so I was not positive, but after a shoulder shrug, a "Sorry", and "I am in a hurry to get out of here", I got the final word. But, actually, there might be some good news. My field director called me this evening and told me that she is going to talk it over with her boss and they might keep me as an employee to travel to other chapters around the country to do some in-office training. She is a cool lady. I like her.

As of last week, I have officially started clinicals in the hospital. Awesome! I love it! I had my first patient - this really nice man who reminded me of my gramps. I got to see a person going through dialysis. That was interesting to watch. I literally stood there in amazement as I watched blood being taken out of someone, run through a machine, and put back into the patient. This is why I love science. I am jealous because my nursing buddy, Noelle, is getting to see lung surgery today. How cool is that? I would LOVE to see lung surgery. Although, my luck, I would have a Kramer moment and drop a Junior Mint in there.

I was really psyched because I have today and tomorrow off from school. I had a whole lot planned for today. I even had a to-do list all written out - and I was going to stick to it. But last nite my car had an "episode". So, instead of sleeping in, I was up at the butt crack of dawn and off to the Pontiac dealership I schlepped. Well, 5 hours and $502.18 later, I was not feeling too spiffy. I felt like my throat was getting sore, my ear was clogged, and my body was definitely feeling a little on the creaky side. I decided to take a decongestant. I really, really dislike water, so I poured myself a glass of mango Gatorade to swallow the pills with. It was on sale and I had never seen mango Gatorade before, so I bought it. I would like my $1 back, please. That stuff is awful! I even offered it to my dog, who will ingest just about anything including snotty tissues. She gagged.

Any who, I am off to make a Rachael Ray 30 minute meal!


Lisa Knickle said...

you are hysterical. I am still waiting for your fried rice recipe.

Marisela said...

Ok, you seriously crack me up! Congrats on nursing school! I feel like we've missed so much about each others lives living so far away. I'm glad you started this. I ca keep tabs on my favorite balloon blower! LOL Miss you! Love you!

Oh, PS...my SILs brother-in-law (got that?) is dating Carla Donnarumma's sister! Small world!

Dana said...

this is too funny!