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Friday, October 10, 2008

My Space Photos

I am still sick - my voice is literally on sabbatical so I have really just been trying to relax on the couch. I have been doing work for the awesome event that I am planning called A Wish for Wendy, but I have also been watching some television.
And another thing that has a tendency of getting under my dermis. Why is it that people feel necessary to take a million pictures of themselves (and we can tell you took the photos. We can see your arm!) and post them on their My Space and Facebook pages. It is fine if you take them of yourself and someone else. Sometimes, the only party in the room does not have opposable thumbs or just sits in his underwear and scratches himself. Either way, a photographer might not be available. And if you want to have 1, at max 2 pictures of JUST yourself where there is a direct view of the arm holding the camera is also the one attached to the big face in the photo, fine. But to take a MILLION photos of JUST yourself and your cleavage making faces like you are blowing kisses at your camera or the camera on your cell phone is just absurd! Another one of my favorites is the people who take photos of themselves when driving. Right, because that does not obstruct your view while driving 90 mph on the highway. And then to write captions underneath these self portraits such as "I'm HOTTTTT" or "Just Chillin'" or "Gangsta!" Yes, I often "chill" with a full face of makeup and a neckline down to my navel and you are not "Gangsta". You are whiter than Wonder Bread. You have way too much time on your hands. You need a hobby. Correction. You need a hobby besides taking photos of yourself with your cell phone. It is ok to have a million pictures of yourself and others. Personally, I choose to only have a few. My life is not exciting enough to have a million pictures of myself, but if yours is, kudos to you. Just as long as they are all not taken on the same day, but you keep changing outfits and poses and you are the photographer. And if you are just completely joking around with your friends and do that, that is fine. It is when people do it seriously. That is just silly.

Ok, I have said my piece. I feel better.

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